Scribbling…I like writing, I have completed this novel, almost completed a second novel and have written several short stories. I’ve also started or blocked other novels…Nothing published but I don’t care – I haven’t tried, I like writing for its own sake…

Writing novels

Battersea is my first novel, it spans the years from 1938 to 2010, it starts with two people past their prime who fall in love just before the outbreak of WWII, their love is built on a need for security as bombs and privation makes their lives hard and grim in their small house in Battersea.

The story continues with their sons, one their natural child and one adopted and their coming of age during the 1960s – ‘Swinging London’ was just across the Thames with all it had to offer.

Years pass, the boys, Ben and Harry grow tired of London and emigrate to Australia, they struggle at first and eventually open a bar but fall afoul of the group who control all licensed premises.

They buy a house, open a successful business and in 2010, decide to return home but tragedy strikes.

They do return home but not in the way they expected. On arrival, London has changed beyond recognition, They return to live in a much changed Battersea…

My second novel is almost complete, I’ll finish and then edit as soon as I can tear myself away from sewing.

My second novel, all about sexual secrets and the consequences of living a lie…

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